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Rachael Allen is a member of the International Singer/Songwriters Association, Musician, Artist and published Author, who also produces a podcast for various indie artists' music. She formed The Rach Allen Band in 2018 with bassist Tom Allen, releasing their first digital album called "Purely Accidental", which is an eclectic mixture of Pop, Folk, Rock, Swing, Country and funny ballad. Her songs have been played on global internet radio on the Can-Do Musos channel for disabled musicians, plus UK, USA, and Netherlands radio, and she's been awarded various music certificates for her songs. Rachael began her music career as a teen in Maryland, USA, then moved to England where she mostly does home recording, due to having many chronic illnesses and two rare genetic connective tissue disorders. Singing is quite difficult for her because she hears more than six different high pitches in her ears due to bad tinnitus from jaw dislocation, but she's determined to keep writing songs. If you wish to know more about her medical challenges, her story is listed here:  Rachael's Story

You can find her music on Amazon and iTunes under the name of "The Rach Allen Band".

If you feel inclined, you can write to her at: rachaelintheuk@gmail.com
Please Note: Rachael does not open file attachments or click on links in emails from people she does not know

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