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Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Author and Artist, Rachael Allen formed The Rach Allen Band in 2018, with special guest performer, bassist Tom Allen. She released her first digital album of 11 songs, titled "Purely Accidental" later that year, and has had her songs played on global internet radio on the Can-Do Musos channel for disabled musicians.

Rachael has been writing songs since she was a teenager in Parkville, Maryland, USA. A member of her local choir, she travelled to New York to sing at Radio City Music Hall and the Rockefeller Center, plus sang with her local symphony orchestra. Music has been an integral part of her life, especially since she is often housebound with two rare, genetic, connective tissue disorders and other medical conditions. She loves writing songs, playing her guitar, and recording, having grown up in a rock 'n roll town. Now living in England, she's enjoyed experimenting with various types of music. Her album, Purely Accidental, has quite a mixture of tunes: from Pop, to Country, Swing, Tribute, Funny Ballad, and Easy Listening. You can find her music on Amazon and iTunes under the name of "The Rach Allen Band".

If you feel inclined, you can write to her at: rachaelintheuk@gmail.com
Please Note: Rachael does not open file attachments or click on links in emails from people she does not know

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