Comments From Readers (the following comments are printed with permission granted):

"Oh my word!!!! I have finished your book! Brilliantly written!!!! There was a twist and a surprise on every page of the book! I actually shouted out loud "No!" when it said the end!!!! I wanted more."
~~Marion Nel McCallum

"O.Henry and Earl Hammer live on!!! WOW!!! You are showing something so cool, wild and imaginative.....and the fact you do this on each page....not many can. Not many will. You REALLY are good!!!!! From the first 10 pages, one can be hooked. The dialog is sharp, terse and in that way engages the reader right away. It's one hell of an effort...and one has to hope there is more because this is THAT GOOD!!! The development right from word one shows that these are 3 dimensional people who have flaws which are closer to what we see day to day. Again, these days, writers are not as encouraged to do that. The twists in same show how deep the character study's very clever.... and the story has its own circle of life. There are some writers who do this, but then have a series of cliches associated with same; which is what you did not do. Instead, it's coming home, but with an outcome that was and is better than the beginning for Nicole. To your credit, you have created a well rounded HUMAN character. That is what really good authors do. And the reader is involved in seeing the growth as well! You should publish a few more....because if this is the opening salvo, wow...there is one hell of a future ahead!!" ~~Randi L. Dennis

"I'm loving it so much! I decided to get a copy for my mum as I think she would like it, too. I'm so sad...I only have 3 chapters left! Any chance of a sequel? ~~Saz Burrows

"I am LOVING your book. I hate having to put it down. It is the only FUN book I am reading. You amaze me with how your words make me feel like I can be transported there in my mind and experience all that the character's going through. You have got me hooked. Love the way you describe everything. It is such a wonderful escape." ~~Kinnie Jo DuVall

"A fantastic read, I couldn't put it down." ~~Charlotte Morgan

"I LOVED it. You are so talented. Loved the characters. I think you need to write more, you had me from the beginning until the end!! Sad when I finished. Hope you are writing more books. Good job!" ~~Janet Semerad

"Loved your book and thought it was written very well. The characters are excellent." ~~Scott Simas

"This novel drew me right into the story. I have a habit of reading several chapters of a book, just to put it down and not pick it up again. Once I started reading, I could not put this book down!! This story has something for everyone!!" ~~Laura Vendetti

"A fab read which I certainly would recommend. This is a very captivating read full of suspense, intrigue, romance, and keeps you glued to the pages. I enjoyed this book and am now going to order some to give as xmas gifts to other avid readers who I am sure will be thrilled with Velvet Hellion." ~~Shona Duncan

"This book was beautifully written, full of mystery and suspense, once started couldn't put it down. Very intriguing. Highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a mystery romance." ~~Amanda Douglas

"Well what can I say about your book? I'M HOOKED. Love what I've read. It is GREAT. Well done. You must do another." ~~Helen Allen

"Excellent writing and development of characters. The plot keeps you guessing. Thoroughly enjoyed it, very well written!" ~~B.T. Allen

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