Velvet   Hellion

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Nicole Tyler: 21 yr. old widow. Prime suspect in her husband's murder. Her secretive past could be her undoing. A psychological mess, her repressed anger begins to surface unexpectedly, forcing her to confront her own emotional fears while keeping a level head. Figuring out who she can trust is the real dilemma, and soon she'll be faced with several decisions of saving a life or taking a life.

Justin MacFierson: mid-twenties. Nicole's initial encounters with him have him branded as "the neighbor from hell" with his volatile personality; unfortunately, the feeling is mutual. However, his need to save the damsel in distress leads him into a dangerous game involving federal agents, a mysterious doctor, a disappearing detective, and someone who wants him dead.

Cristoff Colvert: mid-twenties. Nicole's ranch hand, whose only desire is to become a partner in Desert Wind Arabians. But he has one major obstacle in his path... a drinking problem. Soon he finds his goals changing as he comes to terms with his own insecurities. He works with Justin to unravel a dangerous gameplan, often torn between retaining his old way of life or finding the courage to proceed with a new one. And then there are those moments of bizarre behavior...

Shane Anderson: mid-twenties. Justin's friend. The thorn in Nicole's side. Yet, she needs his skill on her ranch. Asking him for help won't be easy, especially when she has no idea he also has something to hide and could put the ranch at risk.

Daniel Tyler: mid-twenties. Nicole's brother-in-law. His pattern of timed visits to the ranch is drawing the curiosity of everyone. What's his motive? He claims he works for the government, yet never gives the exact details of his job. What's his constant interest in Nicole? It's soon discovered he has a secret all his own...

Yet, amidst all this... there is humor


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